Pest Control Services

Pest control is essential to ensure hygiene, to avoid personal injury, and to prevent damage to property especially in health care facilities, homes, and sites where food is prepared or served.

If you are not sure of the identity of the pest, we start with an analysis. It may be possible for you to make changes in your landscaping or interior design to permanently eject or reduce pests which eliminates the need for further measures. Pest management strategies include installing screens on windows, adding sweeps to the bottom of doors, and altering cleaning procedures.

Where pest reduction is necessary, we can provide the specialized know-how, equipment, pesticides, and technical training necessary and we give long-term solutions priority over regular treatment:

Our pest control services include:

  • Installation of Tamper proof rodent boxes with baits at the immediate external areas.
  • Installation and maintenance of the stations, filling & refilling of baits(for rats), installation, and replacement of glue boards(indoor mice control).
  • Installation of live traps and maintenance; extraction of dead/caught rats/mice; monitoring.
  • The pest covered in the main scope of works is all types of rodents(rats/mice), flies, bees, wasps, ants, roaches, silverfish, bedbugs, and all other crawling insects classified as public health pests.

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